Shrine of the Irish Oak 

A modern Celto-Roman Pagan temple 

About our temple.

Our temple is based on the multicultural Celto-Roman Polytheistic religion, which was practiced throughout Celto-Roman Europe and Britain, Worshiping both native Celtic Deities as well as Deities the Romans brought with them , not as a reconstructionists , but as what might have been if the Celto-Roman polytheistic culture would have thrived and continued into the modern day.

Our temple has been in legal existence since 2004, In 2013 we chartered under the Universal Life church of Modesto

Our Temple and Tradition's history

Our small temple and its tradition started years ago as a group friends just out of high school meeting in a small one room apartment in Waldron Arkansas to worship in the more open free flowing style, Focusing mostly on the worship of the healing Goddesses Brigaintia, Sulis Minerva, and a mix of Celtic, Norse and Egyptian Deities.

We found out that there was at that time only one Celto-Roman temple that focused on the tradition using Wicca as a base to frame it out, ( The temple of Brigantia) sadly that temple folded under not long after we found their materials.

We had also been members of other Celtic/Druidic groups and had become dissatisfied at both drama and that most groups focused on recreating how the ancient religions were in the past , without any advancement to the religions and noticed things normally got into power plays and got to the point of electing sacred “kings” , and High Priests who would talked to the Deities on behalf of the other members.

We also struggled with what to do when Deities of other pantheons call to you, and the fact that most groups we looked at failed to evolve the ancient religions into the modern world. Nor was there a “temple traditions” Most groups rituals in print are based on not having a temple or dedicated place of worship, so we had to created that as well.

In the ancient world our ancestors were always open to new ideas and had the habit of adopting Deities they came into contact with and liked into their local pantheons.

This interfaith sharing happened a lot in the ancient world, not only in the Celto-Roman time frame, the Romans brought many non Celtic Deities into Celtic lands who were adopted and worshiped by the native Celts along side Celtic Deities without even batting an eye, Hence why we decided that our focus should be on that mixed culture. And from there we started to build and grow a workable temple tradition.



If you would like to become a congregational member of our denomination (Celto-Roman) we have a few requirements , Membership is 100% free, but donations to the Mother Temple are welcome.

1. We ask yo to have a true calling to worship or study our tradition, and to be respectful of our beliefs/practices

2. We expect you to create a shrine/altar to your chosen Deities.

3. We just ask you to read our books and practice our ritual form with your chosen Celto-Roman Deities 

4. We ask you to respect our Theology and Traditions of our Temple, and our 13 statements of belief. 

5. If you are on Facebook, please like our page there as well as join out membership group there (link on our fb page)

6. Be on your best behavior when you state your a member in public 

*If you will follow these requirements then fill free to join us with the form below

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